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×This Quick Reference will give you a brief overview of all concepts used in PlantX. See the individual reference pages to learn more about specific topics.

Android Quick Start Guide


The Android application is available in the Google Play Store, under Field. The PlantX.Net Calendar app, PlantX.Net Clicker App and PlantX.Net Item Scan is also available.

Logging In

The login screen will appear the first time PlantX is run from your Android device. Type in your username and password. If you wish, you can save these onto the device (recommended). Tap login. If you have been assigned to multiple nurseries, then you can choose which nursery to login as. Also, a server menu may appear depending on your settings. If it does, tap the server that corresponds to your nursery. Once this is done, the main menu will appear.


Search for a material by typing in the name or part of the name. 50 results are displayed per page. You can navigate back and forth through the pages by tapping the left and right indicators. The page selector at the bottom allows you to skip to any page. The number of results is displayed at the bottom. Once you have located the correct material, tap on it to bring up the Catalog Items list. You will see various attributes, the available quantity and the listed quantity. The available quantity shown includes all crops and supplies, the listed quantity shown only includes available amounts from crops marked Show on Availability. Tapping the menu button of your phone will bring up two choices, Take Picture and Show existing pictures. Tapping on Take a Picture will open the camera application. Once you have taken a photo and saved it, the picture will appear on the website associated with the material. Show existing pictures will open a gallery to display all pictures currently associated with that material. Tapping on a Catalog Item will open the Supplies list. These are all available supplies for that item. These supplies may be modified. Select a supply and tap the modify button. You may enter the adjustment amount, a reason, or a new location. Once you have made your changes, tap the Save button to save them. You may exit at any time by tapping the phone's Back button. (Hint: the Android voice recognition makes a great way to quickly enter the reason for the adjustment.)


Search for an order by typing in the customer name or SO number. 50 results are displayed per page. See Inventory for hints on navigating search results. Tapping the phone's menu button will bring up option to Create a new Order. This will bring up a dialog, prompting for the Customer and PO Number of the new order. Once you are done, tap the Create button to create the new order. The inventory screen will appear, allowing you to search for materials. Once you have located a material, tap it to view Catalog Items. To add a Catalog Item to an order, long tap (tap and hold briefly) on the catalog item. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm adding the item. If you select Yes, the Create Order Item screen will appear. Here you may set the ordered quantity, the sale price, messages for the customer, and any notes for the order item. Once you are done you may either continue adding more order items by tapping Add more, or finish by tapping Done. If you tap Add more you will go back to the catalog items list. If you click Done the new order will be displayed on the screen.

While searching for orders, tapping on a specific order will bring up the ordered items list and order information. An order item can be deleted by tapping and holding on it. You will need to confirm the delete. The menu button will bring up two choices, Add Items to Order and Email Order Acknowledgement. Adding an item to an order is the same as adding an item to a new order, discussed in the previous section. Email Order Acknowledgement will take you to the order acknowledgement screen. Select a report format and enter the email address ( a default address is provided). Enter any other information you wish and then click the Send Email button. You will get an acknowledgement when the email is sent successfully.


Search for a customer account by typing the customer name. 50 Results are displayed per page. See Inventory for hints on navigation. Tapping on an account brings up the account information screen. The first tab is some basic information about the account. The second is a list of known addresses (usually a shipping address and a billing address). Tapping the "Map" button will bring up the location on your installed maps program (usually Google Maps or Google Earth). The third tab is Contacts. This includes a full name, phone number and email address. Tapping on the phone icon will open the phone app with the phone number pre-entered. You can call that number or add it to contacts. The mail icon will create an email to that address with your email app. The fourth tab is a list of all current orders to that account. (Hidden and canceled orders are not shown.) Tapping on any order goes to the order information screen.


Gallery is a list of pictures that are displayed on your website that are not associated with specific catalog materials. These pictures are used to showcase blooming plants or the condition or quality of sale items, or just general pictures from around the farm. These pictures are captioned. Tapping on the Gallery button brings up the pictures that are already on your Gallery page. Tap on a picture for a larger view. The menu button brings up two choices, Take Picture and Upload from Gallery. Tapping on Take a Picture will open the camera application. Once you have taken a photo and saved it, type in a caption for the picture, then tap Submit to post the picture on the website. Tap on Upload from Gallery to select a picture already stored on your phone. Navigate to the photo and tap on it to select it. Add a caption, and then tap Submit to post the picture on the website. Tap and hold to delete a picture from the Gallery page of your website. You will need to confirm the delete.

Change Settings

Use the phone's menu button to access Change Settings. This panel is for various system settings and options. The Performance check boxes allows you to decide on search options and whether or not to send error reports to PlantX. The View Mode button allows you to set the view to Auto, Portrait or Landscape. Auto mode will auto-rotate your screen when you rotate your phone. The About button will display phone information, and may be needed by C-Ware staff to troubleshoot any problems.

Clear Settings

Use the phone's menu button to access Clear Settings.

WARNING: Tapping on Clear Settings will immediately clear all settings, log you out, and close the app.