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Launching PlantX

This guide shows you how to launch PlantX. There are several programs offered as part of PlantX services. Regardless of which programs you subscribe to, they all start with the Connex utility. The Connex utility is the key to getting started. Connex plays a critical role in the PlantX services. Besides launching programs, it tests your Internet connection, performs the necessary authentication, installs the required programs and finally launches the program. Each time you sign in, it will check for upgrades or repair any missing or corrupt program pieces. The Connex utility is also used to uninstall the programs.

  1. Open Connex to start.
    • By default, Connex is installed on your desktop. Or it will appear in your Downloads folder.

  2. Enter your email and password.
    • The password is case sensitive, and so requires that it be entered exactly as created, with the correct character case.

  3. Click Sign In.
    • Sign In is not available if the Internet is down or the PlantX services are performing maintenance.

  4. Select your membership.
    • Only if you have permission to connect and manage multiple nurseries will you be prompted to select a membership.

    • Pressing enter will select the default membership.

  5. Select the Application to Run. (Optional)
    • If you subscribe to more than one service, Connex will present a list of applications from which to choose.

    • Pressing enter will select the default program.

  6. Select the server to use.
    • If you have a Broker Server installed, you will be prompted with the option to use your Broker or connect direct to PlantX.

    • You may need to wait a brief moment for the connections to show Ready before continuing.

    • Pressing enter will select the default server.


  • After following the procedure above, Connex will automatically download and install the required files. After the initial install, Connex will check each time a program is run to determine if all files are up-to-date, updating any that are not.

More Options

  • Press the Back button to start the sign in process over at any time.

See installation to install the Connex utility.