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Vendor View

This guide shows how to use the PlantX Vendor View service.
Select Vendor View when launching PlantX from connex. See Launching PlantX for a detailed guide.


  • Vendor View is a PlantX application designed to allow plant vendors selling plants on consignment to view the status of their sales. Browse and print reports of the plants that are on sale at one or more consignment outlets. Use the reports to show current inventory levels and historic sales figures.
  • Unlike ordinary UPC scan-and-pay operations, PlantX tracks the movement and sales of each plant individually. Vendor View gives an individual plant supplier insight into their inventory.


  • View All Plants
  • View Plants by Identification Number
  • Print a Consignment Due Report
    • Select Action | Reports | Print Consignment Due from the menu bar to open the "consignment due" report PDF.
  • Print a Consignment Paid Report
    • Select Action | Reports | Consignment Paid Report from the menu bar.
    • Input the start and end dates in the From and Thru text box, and then select the accounts to be included in the report.
    • To select all accounts, click the Add Many button.
    • Click the OK button to open the "consignment paid" report PDF.