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Inventory Management

Create unlimited plant materials and catalog items. By using our Plant Library, you can cut material entry time in half. Build a well rounded material list by assigning pictures, adding facts, and creating categories for all your plants in the Material Window.

After creating your plant material list, use the Inventory Window to apply attributes and create your catalog items. Add supplies to keep track of inventory numbers and where plants are located in the field. You also set prices for your nursery stock in the same window.

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Customer Management

Manage your customer list without breaking a sweat. You can view account status, rate your customers and assign special pricing. Keep track of contact info, orders, reports, and assign sales representatives all from the Customers Window.

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Accounts Receivable

Let your inner accountant out with our easy to use ledger system. Payments automatically populate with the Order and Invoice information to make A/R a breeze. Keep track of all invoices and payments all in one place. Email your documents directly from PlantX or print them out for later.

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Web Editing

Web Editing

No experience with web design necessary! Simply open the web folder and drag and drop documents, images, or anything else you would like to see on your website and sync the page! Then send us an email with all the details for what you need done with the resources you put in the folder. Or give us a call and we can work out exactly what you are looking for.

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Custom Reports

With plenty of ready-to-go templates, you will have a head start on the competition. You also have access to fully customizable reports tailored to your needs. As you work with our in-house report designer, you will be able to create and structure all your information just how you want. Send us your logo and company information to start and we take care of the rest.

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Label Designer

Design custom labels right inside of PlantX. After designing and saving your labels, you can use the templates over and over again. Print your custom labels and tags or use our retail labels or plant tags.

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Android App

Introducing PlantX Field. Our limited mobile version of PlantX is ready to go with you anywhere. Count your inventory, take Quick Pics, and create an order all from your Android device.

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