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Privacy Statement

C-Ware, Inc. ("C-Ware") has created this Privacy Statement ("Statement") to convey our commitment to member privacy. Your time and information is valuable to you and your business is valuable to C-Ware. Preserving your privacy, your data and the privacy of your data are primary objectives at C-Ware. Our business is creating tools to help you gather, organize, and distribute your important information within your company and with trading partners. This document describes our privacy policies regarding collected data. We reserve the right to modify this Statement and will provide at least thirty (30) days notice prior to affecting change. Notice will be given at customer sign on.


This Statement applies to our websites ( and, our mobile applications, and all other C-Ware services. It covers Registration Data, Member Data, Device Information, and Usage Telemetry. The following sections describes each respective type of data collected and our policy regarding each.

Registration Data

When you sign up as a member to use C-Ware's software and information services ("Service"), we collect corporate and personal data, known as "Registration Data". Registration Data includes, but is not limited to, name, company name, address, phone, e-mail address, financial and billing details. Billing details can include billing name, address, credit card number, bank account number and any subsequent payment routing methods.

C-Ware uses Registration Data to facilitate all Services, which includes access and use of the hosted software applications, on-line support, consultation, change notices, product surveys, promotions and events. Each type of notice, when applicable, is member controlled in terms of delivery and/or frequency. Notices of policy or license changes is not optional.

C-Ware will not disclose Registration Data to any third party. C-Ware may convey required financial data for the sole purpose of qualification or billing of Service.

Member Data

In the course of business, customers collect business data ("Member Data") that is recorded at C-Ware as part of the Service. This information is kept in the strictest confidence and is never disclosed without Member request or consent. C-Ware staff maintain login privileges to facilitate off-line and on-line support.

Off-line Support

In the course of business, our services facilitate the collection of business data ("Member Data") which is recorded and backed up through C-Ware as part of the Service. This data varies with each application and function but is directly related to the service being provided and is typical data collected in daily operations for use in those operations.

Member Data is kept in the strictest confidence and is never disclosed without Member request or consent. C-Ware staff maintain login and database access privileges to facilitate off-line and on-line support and the execution of Services.

Device Metadata

To provide services, C-Ware's systems, websites and mobile applications collect meta data about the devices used in operations. The device information includes any identifiers provided by the client's device, including equipment identifier, carrier, and phone number. Operating environment, including the operating system, network facilities and types of available device resources may be collected.

The collected device information is used solely to improve services and the portals used for access. This information is strictly used for internal operations, product planning, security, diagnostics, and the routing and delivery of service. This information is not shared.

Usage Telemetry

Similar to Device Metadata, Usage Telemetry is data that describes when, where and how an application is run in the service of our membership. Data includes location, in the form of global position (GPS) or network (relative location). It can also be keyboard, mouse click, touch and tap patterns that describe application usage.

Usage Telemetry is collected for a number of purposes: 1) to provide service, 2) to improve service, and 3) collect mission-critical data required by the Members.

Service is provided by collecting facts and data in office operations, field operations and customer-facing websites. To provide our proprietary services, Usage Telemetry is collected during the service to adapt and respond to real-time conditions. Effectively, not only do our applications collect the data you enter, but they record the way you enter the data to adjust and improve the applications response and behavior.

Services are improved by retrospectively analyzing collected and stored Usage Telemetry. For example: when, where and how often an application or feature is used will dictate how our service and resources will be allocated to future development.

Finally, our applications are designed to collect Usage Telemetry and store it in a Member's respective data storage. This Usage Telemetry, like web statistics, is available to the respective member operating the devices, websites and applications. This telemetry data is for the respective membership and the use and privacy of this data is subject to their Privacy Policy. Applications that collect this type of data require a user membership sign in, which makes this data exclusive to the respective membership.

Usage Telemetry has no use outside the scope of the provided services, as the information only has relevance to our proprietary applications. Therefore, this information is for internal operations and not shared with any third-parties.

Off-line Support

C-Ware maintains access to customer data to provide off-line support from email, phone or other requests. As a service provider, staff will access customer data to analyze, review and assist in adjusting data. This includes, but is not limited to, reporting templates, website templates, application settings and customer data. Changes are made from customer requests, on-going upgrades (new values) or corrections. All of these activities are considered private access and privacy is a priority.

On-line Support

C-Ware uses a remote connection to facilitate member support. Since the connection is establish over the Internet, the connection is secured using SSL encryption. The connection is initiated, controlled and terminated by the Member (user). While providing on-line support, C-Ware will be exposed to Registration Data; therefore, by requesting on-line support, the Member grants permission to C-Ware to view sensitive Member Data both recorded in the services and exposed to the staff remotely.

Maintenance, Research, Development and Testing

During maintenance, research, development and testing, it is necessary to expose Member Data to C-Ware information systems staff ("IS Staff") including security administrators, network administrators, server administrators, design engineers, software engineers, programmers and customer support. Member Data is checked regularly for integrity and, should any issues arise, we will correct such issues. Usage Telemetry, including volume statistics, generated from regular operations, and are used to ensure operational integrity and are only used by IS Staff. Although C-Ware develops new services and features for all members, individual members may request specific features and, in doing so, grant C-Ware access to Member Data in order to tailor the feature to their specific needs. C-Ware has the right to make any feature available to all members but will remove any Member-specifics before making it available.

Email Handling

All email accounts hosted by C-Ware involve storing email messages on a server exposed to the Internet. Regular maintenance and hosting practices are applied to maintain restricted access and privacy. Email messages are stored as they are received and are only as private as the message they contain. In normal operations, messages will be inspected and routed within C-Ware services to facilitate communication, storage and management, between the sender and intended recipient(s).

Messages both sent and received are inspected by spam countermeasures, both automated and manual, and may be rejected by our Service. This inspection includes scanning the received message headers and body, by automatic or manual means, by IS Staff. Offending host IP addresses, host names and email addresses may be published to other Internet hosting services to collectively combat spam.

The email service provides a "learn" feature used to help identify spam and other unwanted forms of messages. Each mailbox is provided with a folder titled "Learn" and any messages, or copies of a message, placed in the folder will be inspected. The content will be closely reviewed and appropriate actions taken to avoid similar messages should they be received. One of several actions can and will be taken:

* If the message provides a safe and valid unsubscribe method, IS Staff will take steps to unsubscribe from the sending service. By placing the message in the Learn folder, you authorized C-Ware to act on your behalf and process the host-provided subscription procedure, removing your mailbox/email address.

* The message will be used to train automated and manual spam filters to avoid future occurrences. No single email training can prevent any or all future as the filters apply an accumulated effect.

* Should it be determined that the source of the spam is a poorly configured, compromised or deliberate server of spam, C-Ware may elect to add the source to a blacklist to prevent further flow of messages. Even if the source appears to be a valid email server, C-Ware reserves the right to block (blacklist) any server for any reason, temporarily or permanently.

* Where appropriate, we will inform other email providers that their servers are being abused and sending spam. By placing the message in the Learn folder, you authorized C-Ware to share the offending message with any third-party. Where appropriate and whenever possible, any identifying data, or unnecessary content, will be redacted to maintain the highest level of privacy.

Trade Partners

To facilitate communication between members and their trade partners ("Partner"), which can include other members, C-Ware keeps a public registry of members. Listing in the registry is completely optional but is required to utilize Partner features or offer Partner features to others. Registry information is currently limited to name, city, state, zip and website address (URL). Members may wish to include additional contact details like phone number and full address.

C-Ware will only disclose information to a Partner that is deliberately and explicitly specified by a Member's actions. Information transferred to Partner is limited to transmittal documents that would otherwise normally be sent through fax or e-mail, such as purchase orders, sales orders, invoices or credit memos.

Downloaded Data

Any information downloaded to a Member's computer is the sole responsibility of the Member to preserve privacy. C-Ware applications, both client computers or interim servers, download Member Data used in normal processing. This information resides in temporary and permanent files on the local file system and should be considered sensitive information and treated as such.


Any sensitive data collected, transmitted and stored in our applications is encrypted for privacy. Not all data is considered sensitive and may not be encrypted, but this is the exception and not the rule. By default, all connections that convey data to and from our services employ secure SSL connections.

Third Party Websites

To enhance and extend its Services, C-Ware's software and websites include links to other websites. C-Ware's Statement does not extend to these linked resources. Members and visitors should consult the respective sites' Privacy Policy or other credentials before offering any personal or organizational details.


C-Ware Service websites require "cookies," a form of marker that helps control access and user experience. These cookies, sent to the web browser, contain just enough information to record key user interactions to individualize the user, yet store no personal or organizational data. The typical cookie contains a number to uniquely identify your web browser and settings that affect usability.

The cookies stored on devices, including mobile, desktop and browser applications, are necessary to facilitate operations. The data stored in the cookies is kept to a minimum to avoid exposure and is transient data that can be destroyed.

Each respective Member may elect to deploy third-party features on their website, which are outside the scope of this document and instead the Member's responsibility and fall under their own privacy policy.

Legal Disclosure

As a service provider, C-Ware Inc. may be legally compelled to disclose collected data, but not until we are presented with adequate documentation (e.g., a subpoena) and a thorough review of legal counsel. This Statement does not limit, shield or hinder any legal obligations.

Additional Information

Let us answer any questions you may have regarding this Statement by sending an e-mail to, calling 503-682-7226, or sending a postal inquiry to:

Security Administrator
C-Ware, Inc.
29895 SW Kinsman Rd.
Wilsonville, OR 97070

* Revised 7/01/17: Added language for new "learn" feature and actions.
* Revised 2/25/17. Renamed Contact Data to Registration Data for clarity. Added language for mobile applications, specifically Device Metadata and the different forms of Usage Telemetry.